Sunday, August 10, 2014

Read Gone On Kauai With a Scribd Subscription

The equatorial noir novel Gone On Kauai is now available for reading via Scribd. Here's the link:

Kirkus Reviews–Perry reprises his Karl Standt character here, but this novel can easily stand on its own. The island of Kauai is a character in itself (“the flat river moved with a hypnotic slowness, like heavy floodwaters”), and Perry effectively describes its culture, including the super-rich who view Kauai as a trust-fund playground, the surfing locals who personify the laid-back island vibe, and the plague of drugs that are harvested and sold there. Perry depicts the different sides of island life through the perspective of New Yorker Standt, who’s out of his element but relies on his instincts…it eventually provides a thrilling revelation.

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Read Barbarous Coasts too!  @Scribd.

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