Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The New Crime Novel Compulsion, As Reviewed By The Book Magazine Kirkus Reviews

Third in the Karl Standt detective series, Kirkus Reviews has a new review of Compulsion. Along with Gone On Kauai, the book has a limited $0.99 sale through the first week of August 2014.

The book may deal with the contemporary topic of the perils of online dating, but Standt keeps it old-school with his way of conducting meetings in diners and following leads, no matter where they take him or how grisly the details become.

Perry delves into characters ranging from Vlad, a former imprisoned Russian rebel to iz, an animal lover with platinum hair, and their stories are captivating and plot-driven. Although it’s the third novel in the series, this book makes a good introduction to Karl Standt’s adventures. Perry delivers again in a novel in which ritualistic murders link the deaths of rich New York men.

Compulsion is available wherever ebooks are sold.