Friday, November 15, 2013

The Second Karl Standt Crime Novel In A Series! Gone On Kauai

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Gone On Kauai is the second novel in a series, with Barbarous Coasts.

Amanda Wilcox is a beautiful young GMO activist who disappears paddleboarding on Kauai. Her plight becomes fodder for the tabloid media, especially in Manhattan where her father is a prominent lawyer.

A famous actress pledges to spare nothing to help find Amanda. But it falls to the retired NYPD detective and private investigator Karl Standt, at the urging of the desparate father, to go to the Hawaiian island and fix a botched, seamy investigation that has gone nowhere. The detective finds a web of murky connections in the tropical paradise, hints of corruption that exposes the island's drug- and agro-financed underside.

Joining Standt on Kauai is Katie Hudson, a girlfriend and reporter for Slate magazine.  The hacker Church leaves his own girlfriend "iz" back home on the lower east side to help Standt break the case. Yep, everyone is looking for Amanda. That includes  "Chris K," a surfing, pot-loving local investigator, as well as Vereen, a gonzo helicopter-tour pilot who used to fly missions in Iraq.

Vereen takes them into "Cambodia," the tangled, torpid island interior, where drug entrepreneurs thrive.

A burned-out ex-cop named Bruno Reilly is also looking for Amanda, or is he? He has a suspicious relationship with a pampered crew of GMO execs partying on a yacht off-shore. They don't mind that Amanda has disappeared-her anti-GMO crusade is bad for business.

Is she dead, a shark fatality, or still alive, somewhere, on or off the ocean? Church hacks into phone, web, and bank records, unearthing new threads. Church and iz have their own problems with Ecstasy-the pervasive drug culture hangs over everything like a fog that won't dissipate. The hacker, Katie, and Standt are afloat in an ocean of "equatorial noir" as they try to find out what happened to an All American girl.

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