Friday, August 2, 2013

New Adventure Novel ASCENT Now Available: "Five Stars...The characters are outstanding...Well done"

Check out the powerful new short novel, "Ascent."

A reviewer already gives "Ascent" five stars and writes: "Not only is this a story of survival in the wilderness of Canada, it also deals with memories of days long ago...I am sure if one was faced with dying, those memories would surface. The characters are outstanding...Well done."

John Robinson has past experiences that have nearly killed him. But he has a willful, bright wife Erin who glues the family together, and two nice kids. He's now settled into a comparatively quiet and successful professional life. One morning, he heads off for a company retreat in the mountains of British Columbia.

While on that journey he discovers that ordinary life can instantaneously transform itself into a massive struggle for survival, a mirror for your own internal demons, and an opportunity for redemption.

A recent reviewer wrote of Perry's first novel "Barbarous Coasts":

"Bruce Perry's fast-paced genre tale of international financial malfeasance and deadly consequences is, as the cliche goes, ripped from the headlines. Perry captures an essential aspect that investment marks can always be found, especially in times of economic stress when so-called safe harbors such as gold proves to be a mirage -- and unraveling Ponzi schemes is easier than determining accountability…the sights and sounds portrayed by Perry in locales such as Bermuda, Switzerland and Dubai ring authentic and a paragliding plot twist was deftly employed."