Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Book For Strava And Endomondo Sprinters

Check out my new ebook for the Kindle on using Endomondo and Strava for interval training: Using Smartphone Apps For Interval Training.

This ebook includes step-by-step instructions for custom designing your own interval program and using the built-in interval programs in Endomondo. It also describes how to use the popular Strava feature Segments for sprint training.

The book covers sprint-training techniques (e.g., Tabata sprints and various other protocols), as well as how Endomondo and Strava can be used to augment your intervals. It is designed for both beginners and "power users" of the two popular apps. Both have excellent features for helping manage your high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Only $0.99 U.S. (or the equivalent) on the Kindle. I cover topics including using the two apps for sprinting, various sprinting protocols, and the Borg rating of perceived exertion. Enjoy!

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