Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Am Not A Seal: Breaking Through Your Own Sound Barrier

I swam today in the ocean – 49 degrees Fahrenheit water, 55 degrees air (in the sun), equaling a personal no-wetsuit record of sorts. I went in twice and this time I actually took swim strokes for 15 to 20 seconds. I've been swimming a lot in temperatures of from 57 to 62 F., and the difference between the latter range and 49 degrees is the voice in your head that realizes "I am not a seal." I'm a warm-blooded creature with inadequate blubber layers.

Whether I can claim to be the "fitter" for today's plunge is questionable, given the short duration of immersion. The longterm effects, of which I've accrued, are healthy. I did have to break through a mental barrier, however; the swim was more Felix Baumgartner than Dr. Oz. Put it this way; 17 more degrees in one direction equals 66, and most of the people I encounter won't even swim in waters that are 66. 17 degrees in the other direction is 32, when water freezes.

I'll be back at it tomorrow, and plan to continue in November. I like using these pages as a kind of diary.

The Hazards Of Coach Potato-ism

BTW, two links you might be interested in, both topics of which FFG covered extensively: two more studies indicating that failure to move throughout the day is both a prosaic subject and deadly; and a study that found that multivitamins had a small but significant cancer prevention effect.

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