Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Recent Reviews Are Saying About Fitness For Geeks

"... The author’s writing style is very conversational. He makes what can be dry material entertaining to read...he never gives strict recipes for how to improve your level of fitness, he only gives general guidelines, some of which are self-conflicting. I think this is important because there is no right answer, each person must find what works best for them through careful experimentation." – Levon's Tumblr blog; link to review.

" I learned about some new research and have been convinced to take two actions: 1) buy a fitbit tracker 2) experiment with intermittent fasting. Depending on how those go, this book could bump up to a '5' or down to a '3'. Well written, though." – Glenn Hughes; link to review

"...Mr. Perry ... has compiled a substantial amount of advice and information that, if followed, couldn't possibly harm the health and fitness of those on the receiving end... A book that can be read end to end, the composition of each chapter makes for an easy pick and choose, depending on your perceived need. The physiology of the average human is explored in depth, along with nutritional requirements, level of exercise, means of exercise and the efficacy of certain foods and their constituents."

Bruce Perry is of the polo shirt, jeans and trainers school of thought, offering a thoroughly relaxed and conversational tone even when discussing particularly complex subjects...if, like me, training is simply a word used to disguise a fast pedal to debbie's for some frothy coffee, one who is less impressed by the serious style of many a discourse on the subject, this is definitely the book to acquire." –; a cycling web site

Read the latter review in its entirety here.

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