Monday, July 16, 2012

Endomondo's New Look: And What Happens When There's No Data Connection?

Endomondo has a nice new look now to their App Interface, and your phone, whether it be an iPhone or Android, will "automagically" upgrade to the new version. Which is version 8. You'll notice some other touches, like I have (but I haven't seen all of them), such as the photogenic "terrain" option or feature of the mapped depiction of your workout.

The photo shows this topographical quality of a nice mountainbike climb I did on June 30.

When you record a workout with the sports tracking app Endomondo, it will automatically upload the data to your personal page at But what happens if your phone and the app itself cannot connect to the Internet? This is what happened to me lately when I was outside the country. The short answer is that the app will store your bike/run/other activity locally, on the device's hardware, until the next time it can connect with the Web.

This happens without your intervention, the next time the app can get a web or HTTP connection from say a WiFi service, so that it can pipe the data from your workout to EndoMondo. You just open the app and discover that it's already happened (such as when I returned from my trip).

I have an Android cellphone, but I assume with all the different equpment types out there, that some people may lose their data if it can't be automatically uploaded. If you choose "History" on the app's menu, it will display a little icon (perhaps a red cross) next to the workouts that haven't been uploaded yet.

The app's code seems to be making web connections beneath the surface – meaning that I have not found a menu command that manually compels the app to "try to connect to the web,"

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  1. I was a little hesitant to use Endonomdo for this very reason until I read from other users like yourself how it worked. I was even able to use it on my best treadmill workouts by improvising its settings.