Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel and Exercise Tip: Workout of The Day, With Family

Here's what I did today in a little flat we're staying in while in Europe. I started with an inverted plank for more than two minutes, then did 20 inverted push-ups. The rain is pounding down in buckets right now, so we opted for an indoor "workout of the day" via The WOD Shop. It looks like this:

The Holbrook
10 rounds
10-9-8...3-2-1x reps
(-Submitted by Andrew Light-)

As my book explains, this handy web site will randomly generate a workout for you, based on basic parameters to categorize the exercise (e.g., bodyweight, weightlifting). It's perfect for indoor exercise in the rain, without a gym, etc.

Do ten air squats, burpees, pushups, then nine, then eight, etc. We took minimal rests in between. Not that, when you're finished with this short routine, you've done a total of 55 pushups. My wife beat me through, but I don't race these exercises – I concentrate on form and doing them correctly (note my competitive after-the-fact interpretation of "losing" to my wife!). My 8-year-old son petered out around round 6, claiming the exercise "isn't designed for 8 year olds" (not!).

The whole thing, including the plank, couldn't have taken seven minutes. Yet the overall effect, without the pounding on the joints, was more physically beneficial than an hour-long jog, because it was higher intensity and strength oriented. You do need an internet connection while on the road, however; you could also generate some WODs, save them, and take them on the road. You can bet I'll be doing this one again.

I've already walked a couple of jet-lagged miles today, so the overall combination adds up to a sensible and effective routine. Not to mention a great antidote, with sleep, for jet lag!

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