Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Book On The Way In April 2012

My new book Fitness For Geeks will be published around Patriot's Day in late April. Right now, it's under production and we're putting on the finishing touches. The publisher is O'Reilly Media, the famous (and best!) software book producer. This blog site will be used as a conduit to readers and for accompanying content, as new fitness software and developments are breaking weekly.

It's actually an exploding field, self-tracking devices and the use of gear to measure your fitness activities: Endomondo, FitBit, Garmin Connect, Alpine Replay – I cover a lot of them. Many of these sites are actually interconnected, so that the user has a vast amount of accessible data and charts on the web. If you've been active, that is.

The book contains a ton of information on nutrition, guidance on resistance training, and my own take on the crucial importance of outdoor exercise (just getting outside and moving), along with a number of interviews with scientists, pro athletes, and other fitness aficionados. At this point, it's a little like waiting for a child to be born.

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